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Flask Framework with Features, Installation and Services | AI Sangam



Flask is a Microframework for python based on Werkzeug and Jinja2. Werkzeug is a WSGI utility library for python. WSGI is a protocol which ensures that web application and web servers works nicely. Werkzeug is a library to create framework. From web frame work I mean a standardized approach or way to deploy web based applications. Jinja2 is a modern and designer friendly templating language.

Features of Flask

1.) Built in development server and fast debugger
2.) Jinja2 template support and WSGI utility library.
3.) Support for secure cookies
4.) HTTP request handling functionality
5.) Configuration is very flexible.
6.) Elegant API
7.) Support for unit testing

Installation on Windows

Install easy_install. This step is same for Ubuntu also but the code for installing easy_install is different for both. We will update both here. For windows please follow the following steps
I.   Please click on the link
II. Copy the content when you click on the file in the step 1 to a text file and save it with the    name
III. Open the command window and navigate to the path where you have saved the file in the  step 2.
IV. Run the command and press enter. Installation will start.
V. To see whether easy_install is being installed you can find it in the python folder which you have installed in C drive. Just navigate to c:\python X\Scripts. X is the version of python you have installed.
VI. Please add path c:\python X\Scripts to environment variable.
VII.Once you have did for the above steps, now it is easy to install pip. Type c:\easy_install        pip. Now Open the command window and type pip install flask.

Installation on Ubuntu

You can follow the same procedure as you did for window i.e install easy_install and install pip with the help of such but it is much easy to install easy_install in Ubuntu. Please follow the below steps to install easy_install and python
I. $sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-dev build essential
II. $sudo easy_install pip and then $sudo pip install flask.

Services AI Sangam Offers

1.) Building API (Restful API). Restful API uses HTTP requests to GET, POST, PUT and DELETE Data.
2.) Creating web applications using Flask framework.

AI Sangam is trying its best to support readers and people to grow because we believe in sharing knowledge. It would be humble from your side if you provide some valuable feedback to encourage AI Sangam to write and improve more because criticism is very important to grow. AI Sangam believes in providing quality service to the end user or clients. If you want any query or want to build AI Application, please email us at We will reflect you back. Our services are paid but we can provide free guidance or suggestions. For full fledged application you need to contact us at our email. Please go through out you tube channel or visit main site for more details.

You may also contact us at skype id: live:aisangamofficial

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  1. Anjana

    Hello ai sangam!!

    I have a question with respect to mysql database. I have installed the mysql database using the below command
    sudo apt-get install mysql-server
    But during installation, it has not asked about the password for the database. So please help me how to set the password for it

    1. AISangam

      Thanks for asking the question here. It is great feeling to answer to the questions asked here. I would like to congratulate all of the questions which have been asked to the aisangam blog because it not only improves your knowledge but clears our points also. Thanks again for such act.

      Please type in the terminal after the completion of the above step


      This will help you not only set the password for the database but provide you many other features also.

      With regards
      AI Sangam

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