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Natural Language Toolkit Guide

Introduction It is a platform for building program to work with human language data. Vision behind the introduction of Natural language libraries to interact with human conversation and respond back in his/her understandable form. There are many natural language processing libraries available such as SpaCy,

Sentiment Analysis on E-commerce Products Review System

Sentimental analysis is also called opinion mining. It is rightly said that business grows by understanding and fulfilling needs and requirement of customers. It is a domain of analyzing text and determining emotional tone behind it, therefore getting better view of customer feelings, attitude and

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition using NLP with Services |AI Sangam

Introduction: OCR is a system which allows scanning of printed text, handwritten text or converting images into a computer process able format which may be either plain text or word document. Documents so converted can further be edited or reused. Why OCR: 1.) Converted text