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AI Sangam is a start-up company. Evolution of AI Sangam was the result of demanding field in this fourth industrial revolution which is AI, Machine learning and Deep learning. Our Vision is to serve clients in best possible way. Deep interest includes python, machine learning, deep learning, flask and django. Along with that we have well maintained Git-hub account and blog where new changes are committed and reflected. It is rightly said that action speaks more than words and you tube channel speaks the same. Hope, you will visit our services and feature section to know us more. Please stay in touch through our accounts in the social networking sites where knowledge and education is spread. Coming years will belong to AI and IoT. So it is better to learn these.

Our Services

AI Sangam aims to achieve unique business with improved features and better customer experience. Taking advantage of fourth industrial revolution and progress in AI we offer best and quality services in such domain.

Face Recognition

Real time face detection has become a boon to the humanity. Building apps for such can help to locate children which are trafficked.


Chatbot as a spokesperson for the Artificial intelligence. Chatbot is a powerfull interactive agent and artificial conversational entity.

Object Detection

Some people might confuses image classification with object detection but there is a key difference between them.

Stock Prediction

Stocks in broader sense refers to acquiring of a part of company. Supply and demand, are some of the main factors affecting stocks.

Disease Prediction

Availability of medical dataset have attracted researchers worldwide. With such availability in bio medical and healthcare community, accurate analysis of early disease detection.

Sentimental Analysis

Sentiment analysis and opinion mining is the field of study that analyzes people's opinions, sentiments, evaluations, attitudes, and emotions from written language.

Technologies Used

AI Sangam is ramping up efforts and trying to built the AI applications and products using some of the renewed technologies and most trending libraries. Overview of such will help you out how technology is changing rapidly with time and democratize AI to the hands of business.

Machine Learning

We cover solution mostly all part of real time problem. We deal with problem of Image, Text, Sound, Traffic etc using Machine Learning.

Programmming Languages

We solve Machine Learning problem with listed programming languages. Also provide deployment on mostly all existing programming environment.

Big Data

Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an information technology paradigm that enables ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable system resources and higher-level services

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, which enables these things to connect and exchange data.

Web | Api Development

Web services is a standardized way or medium to propagate communication between the client and server applications on the World Wide Web with various web services.

Our Process

With our process you will get bugs free, efficient and api based applications or services with cross plateform supports.













Awesome Features

With our process you will get bugs free, efficient and api based applications or services with cross plateform supports.

Scalability and Flexibility

The applications are totally flexible according to your need. For maintenance and moderations we are here beside you.

Cloud Support

We provides services to design, deploy, customize, and integrate a Cloud Service strategy.

Api Services

Using Api based application you can run your application anywhere you want.

Efficient Services

The applications work on real time data and this enormous data is a challenging task to deal with.

Free Guidance

For you research and study work we will provide you proper guidance and help.

24/7 Support

For you research and study work we will provide you proper guidance and help.


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