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Optical Character Recognition using NLP

Optical Character Recognition using NLP with Services |AI Sangam



OCR is a system which allows scanning of printed text, handwritten text or converting images into a computer process able format which may be either plain text or word document. Documents so converted can further be edited or reused.

Why OCR:

1.) Converted text file takes less space as compared to original images.

2.) Huge amount of paper work can be easily be converted to digital format which is more safe.

3.) Faded or old documents could be recovered using this technology.

4.) It saves lot of time when you need to convert a lot of printed file or hard copy printed text to word document. Manually typing will take much time which could be efficiently reduced by such.

What we offer/ Services:

1.) OCR implementation for images or text using tesseract library

2.) Integrating python programming with framework such as Flask or Django to make web based application.

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