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Building Live app using Django Framework

Building Live Demo on Patient information using Django Web Framework

This Project focuses on login using authenticated credential. When patient logins, he/she will shown information such as his name with the option to add details about his disease and disease description. The whole implementation is achieved using Django framework. Please refer to the below image

Django Overview

Learning Django terms and starting overviews

1.) This is used to mark directories in python as python package directory. To understand this, please look at the image below which is used in this live project and understand what I mean to say. Now if you want to use in

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition using NLP with Services |AI Sangam

Introduction: OCR is a system which allows scanning of printed text, handwritten text or converting images into a computer process able format which may be either plain text or word document. Documents so converted can further be edited or reused. Why OCR: 1.) Converted text