Types of chatbot || Contextual chatbot || Virtual Assistance || Chatbot

Types of chatbot || Contextual chatbot || Virtual Assistance || Chatbot


Chat is the process of making communication between two or more then two person or person with machine. This is completed over internet. In this article we are going to describe about various type of chat-bot.
Types of chat and chat-bot is described below.

Types of Chat:

  • Messaging App

  • Chat-bot

Messaging App:

This is a text based chatting platform where at both end two user or pair of user and customer communicate with each other. You can also say a text-based application. For example Facebook, Messanger, Whatsapp, Slack, Skype etc. this type of app is used to interact with customer, friends, family in real time. Actually it only create environment to message transmission. No any mail is made by machine itself.

Types of chatbot || Contextual chatbot || Virtual Assistance || Chatbot
Messaging App

Used For: Entertain with friends and family.
Make communication with client to understand their behaviour.


Chat-bot is a tool in which on other end machine itself generate or prepare answer to revert the query as their best way of programming. In simple word we can say that as dislike with Massaging app here interaction is done between a person and a machine. For batter understanding on the basis of result preparation we can divide it in further two part.

Types of chat-bot:

  • Sequential Chat-bot:

  • Intelligent Chat-bot:

Sequential Chat-bot:

This type of chat-bot machine check the previous data for the exact fit of query. If there is any data present correspond to the query then the same result is provided to the user. By chance if there is not any data present for the same query then machine fail to revert the user query. This chat-bot is used to answer the very common type question like “How are you”, “Who are you”,”What is current temperature” etc. No any Natural Language Processing or AI is used in this type of chat-bot.

Types of chatbot || Contextual chatbot || Virtual Assistance || Chatbot
Sequential Chatbot

Used For: logging feedback, capturing leads,Filing a grievance, FAQ handling etc.

Intelligent Chat-bot:

This type of chat-bot is more responsive as its name suggest “Intelligent”. In this many type of AI algorithm is used. Natural language processing completely occupy to prepare to help Machine Learning to figure out the best result as data present in Training data-sets. Further it is also divided into three category according to use case. Let us discuss all one by one.

Types of Intelligent Chat-bot:

  • Menu based chat-bot:

  • Keyword based chat-bot:

  • Contextual chat-bot:

  • Virtual Assistant:

  • Self-Learning Chat-bot:

Menu based chat-bot:

Types of chatbot || Contextual chatbot || Virtual Assistance || Chatbot
Menu based chatbot

This is very frequently used chat-bot in the current market. It mostly cover all part of FAQ of any business. It provide data as menu to the user and user have to select the menu and corresponding to the selection of menu the result is provided. Due to its menu behaviour it provide mostly accurate result as all data is present n database. this mostly follow the flow of decision tree hierarchy. on the basis of one menu select there can be more menu will shown to select as related to that particular menu. For table reservation system in restaurants, Menu order such type of chat-bot is the best way to provide batter user experience.

Keyword based chatbot:

This is upgraded version of menu based chat-bot. Keyword recognition based chat-bot give a platform to the user to type their query. Then machine after getting user query try to analyse what user want to know about and then provide the result. The main part of this type system is keyword recognition. Machine try to fetch the keyword information and relate to existing database and then provide the best result to the user. Actually Here Natural language processing ply a vital role to provide batter user experience.

Types of chatbot || Contextual chatbot || Virtual Assistance || Chatbot
Keyword based Chatbot

This is also a popular chat-bot as it has a hybrid property of menu based chat-bot and keyword based chat-bot. Some times it fail to answer as lack of data. but by increase amount of relevant data it perform very good on any customised use case.

Contextual chat-bot:

Types of chatbot || Contextual chatbot || Virtual Assistance || Chatbot
Contextual Chatbot

Contextual chat-bot is a very advanced chat-bot. This chat-bot try to figure out the intention of the user. i.e in which sense user are asking question. and revert them according to the user intention. It also remember all the things previously user have already asked and on the basis of of previous question chat-bot also improve their more figured answer. It also try to find entity of the query and on the basis on intent and entity matching it find out the best result for the user and remembering previous question make it versatile. It also need more data to train at some time to prepare more accurate it can b also fallen in self learning category.

Virtual Assistant:

Types of chatbot || Contextual chatbot || Virtual Assistance || Chatbot
Virtual Assistant

This type of chat-bot is very intelligent chat-bot. We can say hat as a product of contextual chat-bot we can make a virtual assistant chat-bot. Google Assistant, Siri, Cortona etc is a virtual assistant. For this we need a large managed data-set of every field and this create a great problem so in small extant for a particular use case or field you can create this type of product.

Self-Learning Chat-bot:

This is most smart chat-bot. It can fit with your all type of industry like, entertainment, hotel, restaurants, healthcare, educational etc. You can start your chat-bot as small data and machine will be trained by itself when it got more and more query by the user. But the limitation of this chat-bot is for data preparation we also need a man effort at small extant so to make data categorized form. if we not do so then chat-bot may be self learn in wrong direction and will pron to provide irrelevant result.

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