Frequently Asked Questions
What is AI Sangam?
AI Sangam is a start up artificial Intelligence based company started by passionate developers with the vision and objective of delivering the quality not quanity.
What we offer?
We are a product based company and offers full fledged products in AI domain such as face recognition, object detection, AI Chatbot disease prediction, stock prediction and music auto tagging system.
How can I stay in touch?
You can mail us at or connect us through social media such as Facebook, Reddit or many more which you can find easily in the footer section. You can also contact us through our contact page. Moreover Skype is other mode of communication that we have. You can use any medium and we will respond you as soon as possible.
How can I pay you?
You can use Paypal or Debit or Visa card for payment. We accept both Paypal or Card for payment.
How can I know about Pricing and Quotation?
For such it all depends upon type of service you need. So for suh first of all we will have conversation either through email or skype and then we will send you the proposal providing you the detail of quotation and pricing.
When can I call you?
You can call us at any time through Skype as we prefer skype our mode of communication. If we have not responsed there we will get back as soon as possible and solve your queries. In the evening Indian time time best suits us but you just leave the message there at skype or mail and we will call you.
What if I don't like your Services?
We care for your time and faith. Please read out privacy and terms and condition attached at the footer section of webste. If you will get nothing from us we will refund your whole money but we guarantee this will not happen, We want to build strong relationship between clients so have trust in us.