Applications of Real Time Face Detection Technique | AI Sangam
Real time Face Detection Applications

Applications of Real Time Face Detection Technique | AI Sangam

                                           “Possibility is always limited by imagination”

Technological development is taking place at a rapid rate. Each day we see something new that technology is making life better. Here we are going to discuss the applications of Real Time Face Detection Technique.

We have entered the fourth industrial era which is also called AI. From healthcare to home safety, from banking to stock prediction, AI has made a deep impact in today’s life. Considering the importance of real time face detection technology which is a deep learning product has following applications:

In Child Trafficking: Child Trafficking is a very serious issue worldwide. Darker side of such problem is that it increases day by day. It is becoming one of the biggest threat to mankind. Innocent children are being kidnapped and sold for money.

Just imagine how their parents feel it is the worst nightmare in their life. Question arises how real time face detection app or recognition can help them in finding their parents. Images of missing children is stored in the database along with the details.

On scanning new faces with the app, if the match is found, it would be blessing. Such is one of the best service provided to mankind. Helping Faceless is the site which are using doing social service by preventing child trafficking.

Integrity of the educational sector: Reforms in education helps to reshape the future of the country which are children. Cheating and fraud in the papers is a common problem and this needs to be dealt in the smarter way.

Face detection app can check whether the original student is giving the paper as well helpful in checking those who are giving online exams from different places. Integrity in edification system can be achieved using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Safe Banking: This is one of the most booming industry/organization in today’s time. Safety of such system is very important issue and government is spending millions of money to ensure its safety.

Face detection can also provide its valuable contribution for its safety. It will ensure that real person is accessing the account and no fraud or miss-happening takes place. Real time Face detection technique also contains the database of criminal or thieves so if they are engineering the bank, bank officials will come to know about it.

Home: Home is the castle or a sanctum. Real time face detection can provide the owners whom are visiting their house. Now a doorbell is in beta state called Chui which uses face detection technique to make home keyless and secure. Along with the above, just imaging how safe the smartphones has become those who open with individual face.

In the nutshell we can say that, Real time Face recognition is serving many sectors covering from educational, child trafficking to safe banking and safe mobile. Even homes are being initiated to become smart homes through IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

Technology is providing us with huge benefit and it is up to us in which direction we are using it. To know more about technical portion of face detection using facenet  check our blogs.

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