Learn How to Code: Boost Your Productivity During Pandemic
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Learn How to Code: Boost Your Productivity During Pandemic

We live in a digital era where you can learn anything from the comfort of your home. Today, anyone can put their technical skills to a test and teach themselves how to code. Whether you are a small business owner, building your first website as a blogger, or just looking for productivity tips alongside working, learning how to code will be rewarding when done right. It will not only simplify and automate tasks, it can also be a huge opportunity to create information management systems and data analytics which created a demand for programmers.

If a person gets a good grasp of the fundamentals about how computers think and how humans can talk to them in a language they understand, the possibilities are endless. Being savvy at a programming language could benefit professionals especially in the tech industry to advance their careers and have job security for the reason that this skill is in such high demand.

If you are drawn to embarking on a programming career or you just view coding as a creative expression, here’s how you can get started.

 What is coding?

In simpler terms, coding is the way humans can direct computers and machines on what to do. It is a broad term most commonly used but is a bit more complex since it extends to other related pursuits such as programming and development.

At first, glance, especially if you are a beginner, coding can be quite intimidating. Just like when learning a foreign language, it can be complicated and confusing in the beginning. One should understand that there is no one way to code. There are various languages used to code for different types of coding projects.

Before you start a project, you’ll need to identify which programming language would best fit your plan. If you want to build a website, you’ll need to learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you are more interested in building mobile applications, Swift, Python, or C# might be right for you. Above this, you also need to be able to learn logic and algorithms and connect these languages.

What are the opportunities with coding?

Apart from enhancing your digital literacy, knowing how to talk to machines can help you improve your reasoning and problem-solving abilities. It helps you see problems from a different perspective and allows you to go on a creative process of breaking down these challenges and adopting ways on how to tackle them through codes. When you learn to code you have the power to solve simple and most complex problems which can be applied both in your personal and professional endeavors.

Imagine having the skills to build a learning application, mobile games, data analysis programs, and even supporting health care research by creating a system to gather pieces of information. If you learn how to code not only you can create these meaningful projects, it will also help you contribute to society.

On top of this, since coding is considered a universal language, it is a skill you can carry with you to any country and even remotely – a reason why there has been more demands to outsource IT. It can make you a highly employable individual and open up working opportunities and career progression in almost any industry. 

It is not unusual to see people move up their skill set by learning how to code because of job security. There are an endless number of projects you can showcase your abilities even if you are just a beginner. From building a simple 2D game or creating a website to machine learning and predictive analysis of computers, projects are abundant to cater to your skill level. As you learn, you get to practice and pick up skills along the way.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider learning how to code. It is up to you to establish the goals you want to achieve with coding.

Where can I learn to code?

Gone are the days when knowing how to code is just for computer specialists. Most professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs would tell you that coding can help you succeed in your career. Learning how to code is a great opportunity to improve your tech-savvy and boost your productivity during the pandemic. The best part is you can start at the comfort of your home without having to shell out a ton of money.

To start your coding journey, you can get the most out of coding courses available online for free. Websites that offer low-cost and free coding courses are Codecademy, Coursera, edX, and Udemy to name a few.  Search for courses recommended by seasoned programmers and are associated with credible institutions. Though some courses are free, it would also be valuable to get a mentor who will help you get on the right track or you can also find online communities focused on what you are currently learning.

Once you have a working knowledge of your chosen coding language, you can begin creating programs and passion projects. Coding is a language and one way to get fluent with a language is a regular practice. Keep learning new ways and improve your methods.

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