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7 Tips to Make Your Mobile Apps More Appealing to Users

7 Tips to Make Your Mobile Apps More Appealing to Users


There are hardly any people these days that may not own a smartphone. They are incredibly common as mobile apps play a significant role in everyday life. They have a lot more to offer apart from the usual communication feature. Mobile apps have facilitated users to carry out multiple tasks for which they previously had to go out of their houses, for example, banking, retail, and restaurants. There is a huge variety of apps out there for several purposes such as contactless payment apps like Google Pay for online financial transactions, collaboration apps like Asana for simplified business communications, and many more.  

Tips to Improve a Mobile Apps 

Almost everything can be improved with the right mobile apps. Whether users are looking for a scanning app to scan their documents or a health-tracking app to monitor their daily calorie intake, the correct app with relevant features can be very helpful. However, if it keeps crashing and is too slow, users may stop using it.   

If developers are concerned about providing an improved user experience to reduce uninstallation, they need to take some smart steps to make their apps stand out. Here are some important tips to take mobile apps to the next level. 

Tip 1: Choose an Eye-Catching Icon 

The app icon is the first thing the customers are going to see when they scroll through the app store. Therefore, it must be captivating enough for them to click on it. Developers must choose a smartly designed icon that is not only attractive but also depicts what the app is about.  

Tip 2: Keep the App Simple 

People are always on the lookout for apps with user-friendly interfaces, simple displays, and easy navigation. Therefore, developers must focus on modest designs and keep the functionality straightforward to avoid user frustration. Most customers uninstall apps they find difficult to use without even giving them another thought.  

Tip 3: Facilitate User Onboarding 

Sometimes customers download an app but are unable to proceed further due to its complexity. In such circumstances, they either uninstall the app or just stop using it altogether. Onboarding is the process of making users comfortable with the app. A proper in-built guided onboarding system must be present to facilitate the users.   

Tip 4: Make the App Design Attractive 

App design is crucial and cannot be overlooked. It is best to stick to simple layouts, avoid clutter, and use sober themes. Instead of using too much text, it is better to take the help of visuals.  

Tip 5: Utilize Push Notifications 

Regular interaction can help in achieving user engagement and retention, which are very important aspects. For this reason, apps need an effective push notification strategy. An appropriate strategy, is designed by answering questions such as, “When will be a good time to send push alerts?”, “Why should they be sent?”, and how? Try to understand the users and stay on board with what the competitors are doing. The push notification strategy must have a personalized touch in its messages to establish good relationships with visitors and convert them to users.  

Tip 6: Select a Suitable Name  

Before name selection, make sure that it is relevant to what the app has to offer, is attractive, and is easy to remember. Using a complicated one can lead to multiple issues. Imagine the users love the app but when it is time to refer it to their friends or family, they forget or mispronounce the name. This could mean losing out on potential customers.   

Tip 7: Focus on the Product Description 

Product descriptions are very important. Before making a purchase, customers not only look at app ratings and customer reviews but also read the product description. Even though ratings and reviews are dependent on users, developers must provide well-developed and strategic product descriptions that can convince the readers to make the purchase. It is best to keep them simple, precise, and to the point. Do not forget to mention how the app is unique and better than other ones out there. 

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